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MentorshipThe “mentor-mentor” program is built on the premise that to build institutional capacity, the academic and research leadership of partner LMIC institutions must be built by creating a training triad for each scholar consisting of a US faculty mentor, an LMIC mentor, and a highly qualified selected scholar who is jointly mentored by the two “co-mentors.”

The co-mentors and the scholar will develop an individualized development plan that includes defining the additional course work, workshops and tutorials required to prepare them for embarking on a research training project. In individualized development, the mentoring team engages in informal scholar evaluation in the context of training implementation. Mid-year Update Reports are submitted to the Program Leadership. This report identifies:

  1. IRB status
  2. quarterly met and unmet goals
  3. successes
  4. challenges/obstacles
  5. strategies to address challenges
  6. goals for the rest of the year

Mentor Partnership

US Faculty Mentors

There are 85 US mentors, who have a track record of mentoring various levels of scholars from pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and scholars.  To encourage the next generation of Fogarty research training investigators, we will preferentially promote the engagement of mid-career faculty as mentors. The goal of their engagement is to build their mentoring and research capacity along with that of the scholars.

LMIC Institutions Mentors

There is a wealth and range of academic accomplishments among the LMIC mentors selected under the mentor-mentor program.  Our mentored training strategy builds critical mass by engaging partner LMIC mentors, sustains all members of the training triad, and strengthens the platform for sustaining scholars in global health research.

For a list of mentors and their contact information, please see the excel list here. Please note - This list is not exhaustive of all mentors within each US and LMIC institution. If you have a mentor in mind, please reach out to INSIGHT!: INSIGHT 2022-2023 mentors
Tip: To view mentors by their affiliated LMIC institution, click on the arrow at the top of column F. This will show a drop down menu that allows you to select/deselect the LMIC sites to see the mentors associated with respective sites.

Learn More

For more information please contact:

Maggie Whittington, MPH
INSIGHT Program Coordinator 



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