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MKM Fellowship

The Maeve Kennedy McKean Global Public Health Fellowship is named in honor of Ms. Maeve Kennedy McKean, the former Executive Director of the Global Health Initiative at Georgetown University, who tragically passed away in an accident in April 2020.

Ms. McKean devoted her life to improving the health and rights of peoples around the globe. Among her long list of accomplishments, Ms. McKean served as the first-ever Senior Advisor for Human Rights in the State Department's Global AIDS Program, appointed to the post during the Obama Administration. She also taught "Bioethics and Social Justice" at Georgetown Law and "Conversations in Global Health" at the School of Foreign Service.

This fellowship was created by the University of Maryland, Baltimore's School of Medicine and the Institute of Human Virology. Fellows will work with the Ciheb team on efforts to end the HIV epidemic in Africa. 

Your support will help train the next generation of global health practitioners.

Fellowship Recipients 

  • The 2020 Maeve Kennedy McKean Global Public Health Fellowship has been awarded to Mona-Gekanju Toeque, MD, MPH. Dr. Toeque is board certified in internal medicine and is completing her infectious disease (ID) fellowship training at the University of Maryland Medical Center. In Zambia, as part of her ID fellowship, she gained experience in inpatient and outpatient HIV medicine in a resource-limited setting. This opportunity gave her experience in an array of communicable and non-communicable diseases in addition to HIV/AIDS, which solidified her pursuit of additional training as the first Maeve Kennedy McKean Global Public Health fellow.

    Before her career in clinical medicine, Dr. Toeque obtained a Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis on urban health disparities and global public health from Charles R. Drew University/UCLA. During her public health career, she focused on HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa in addition to involvement in projects focusing on HIV/AIDS public health efforts within resource-limited communities in the United States. During this period, she also obtained HIV/AIDS certification through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, which allowed her to provide HIV counseling and testing to the homeless, incarcerated persons, sex workers, teens, and substance abusers in and around Los Angeles County.  

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