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When can I apply?

The application opens August 31st, 2023. All complete applications are due by November 1st, 2023.

How many fellowship positions are available?

Our consortium hopes to fund 15-20 trainees for each fellowship year contingent upon NIH funding.

Can I apply to more than one Fogarty consortium?

No, please apply to the consortium that has the best program for your research interests.

Do I need to have a mentor selected when I apply to the fellowship?

Yes, fellows should have a mentor-triad. Consisting of a mentor based at their LMIC site and a mentor based at their US institution. If you need help confirming which mentors you should have, please reach out to the program manager, Maggie Whittington ( The application will request information about your current mentorship, including letters of support, and your plan for mentoring while you are in the training program. Applicants who have mentors within the consortium (BCM, UAB, UMB, UP or our international partner universities) will have preference during the review process. If you need help obtaining a mentor within the consortium, send a concise email regarding your academic interests to our Program Manager ( and attach a copy of your bio-sketch.


What is an NIH biosketch?

The NIH bio-sketch is required for official grant applications. Please view the NIH template located here: 

Am I eligible to apply?

Please visit our eligibility section on the website to check the requirements.

I am not a U.S. citizen or a citizen of one of the collaborating countries, can I still apply?

You may still apply if you are from a low income country and have an appointment with one of our international collaborators.

Can I still apply for the fellowship if I am I still in med school?

Yes, you may apply to start a Fogarty Scholarship after you've finished your third year of medical school. To be a competitive applicant as a student you should have previous experience in a research setting.

If I am currently in another training program (T32, D43, etc.), can I still apply to this fellowship?

Yes, trainees who are currently enrolled in or who have completed a different training program are strongly encouraged to apply.

However, if you have completed a Fogarty Global Health Program previously with another consortia, you are not eligible to apply for INSIGHT.

What is the difference between a Fellow and a Scholar?

Scholar is someone who has not received a doctoral degree (Pre-Doctoral trainee) and a Fellow is an individual who has received a doctoral degree (Post-Doctoral trainee). If you have received a PhD or MD you are considered a Fellow. If you have received a Bachelors or Masters degree but not a PhD or equivalent, you are a Scholar. Fellow and Scholar determinations are made at the time the fellowship begins; for example, an individual may be in a PhD program at the time of application (March) but complete their degree in June. They would be considered a Fellow when they start their fellowship in July.



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