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When can I apply?

The application opens August 31st, 2022. All complete applications are due by November 1st, 2022.

How many fellowship positions are available?

Our consortium hopes to fund 15-20 trainees for each fellowship year contingent upon NIH funding.

Can I apply to more than one Fogarty consortium?

No, please apply to the consortium that has the best program for your research interests.

Do I need to have a mentor selected when I apply to the fellowship?

Yes, the application will request information about your current mentorship, including a letter of support, and your plan for mentoring while you are in the training program. Applicants who have a mentor within the consortium (BCM, UAB, UMB, UP or our international partner universities) will have preference during the review process. If you need help obtaining a mentor within the consortium, send a concise email regarding your academic interests to our Program Manager ( and attach a copy of your bio-sketch.

What is an NIH biosketch?

The NIH bio-sketch is required for official grant applications. Please view the NIH template located here: 

Am I eligible to apply?

Please visit our eligibility section on the website to check the requirements.

I am not a U.S. citizen or a citizen of one of the collaborating countries, can I still apply?

You may still apply if you are from a low income country and have an appointment with one of our international collaborators.

Can I still apply for the fellowship if I am I still in med school?

Yes, you may apply to start a Fogarty Scholarship after you've finished your third year of medical school. To be a competitive applicant as a student you should have previous experience in a research setting.

If I am currently in another training program (T32, D43, etc.), can I still apply to this fellowship?

Yes, trainees who are currently enrolled in or who have completed a different training program are strongly encouraged to apply.

However, if you have completed a Fogarty Global Health Program previously with another consortia, you are not eligible to apply for INSIGHT.

What is the difference between a Fellow and a Scholar?

Scholar is someone who has not received a doctoral degree (Pre-Doctoral trainee) and a Fellow is an individual who has received a doctoral degree (Post-Doctoral trainee). If you have received a PhD or MD you are considered a Fellow. If you have received a Bachelors or Masters degree but not a PhD or equivalent, you are a Scholar. Fellow and Scholar determinations are made at the time the fellowship begins; for example, an individual may be in a PhD program at the time of application (March) but complete their degree in June. They would be considered a Fellow when they start their fellowship in July.



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