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Two people in an office work together.

Kenyan Stakeholders Laud Ciheb's CQI Work

Stakeholders from Kenya share perspectives and insights on the work that Ciheb is leading in continuous quality improvement (CQI) projects.

Two people process lab samples.

COVID-19 Survey Releases Preliminary Estimates of Seroprevalence in Nigeria 

Ciheb has completed the first phase of a new COVID-19 population-based serosurveillance study in the Nigerian states of Enugu, Nasarawa, and Gombe. 

A woman and man talk outside his home.

New Project Re-Engages HIV Patients in Care in Zambia

The National Institute of Mental Health and Ciheb in Zambia are partnering to address high rates of loss to follow up and mortality with HIV patients after a hospital stay. 

A choropleth map showing the prevalence of H-I-V in Nigeria. It is green overall with darker spots in the south and southeast areas.

Involving Nigerian Health Facilities with National HIV Case-Based Surveillance

Ciheb in Nigeria introduced case-based surveillance and its implementation in the country to more than 130 health facilities and about 800 participants.

A small screenshot of several users logged into an ECHO meeting.

Seven-Nation ECHO Telementoring Project to Support COVID-19 Response in West Africa

Ciheb in Nigeria is helping support a multi-nation telementoring project that will better equip healthcare workers to respond to increasing COVID-19 demands in remote locations. 

A person demonstrates drawing blood on another person while others watch.

BAIS V Survey Prepares to Launch in Botswana

The Botswana HIV/AIDS Impact Survey V (BAIS V) is preparing to commence fieldwork in February 2021, and staff and resources are being mobilized in anticipation of the launch. BAIS V is a national survey that is assessing the prevalence of HIV and the coverage and the impact of HIV services, as well as characterizing HIV-related risk behaviors. 

Two women sit talking to each other

Ciheb Published Technical Brief on HIV Index Case Testing

Ciheb’s approach and specific field strategies for optimizing HIV index and partner notification testing at the facility and community levels are highlighted in a new technical briefing document.

Thumbnail image of a banner in front of a yellow building.

New Centers Supporting Girls and Young Women in Zambia

Ciheb-Zambia is proud to announce the opening of two new facilities in Mongu District in Western Province to provide HIV support for adolescent women and young girls. 

A graphic with a red ribbon over a Nigerian flag and many numbers.

UMB Recognized for NDR Contributions in Nigeria

As part of World AIDS Day 2020 events, Ciheb Nigeria co-hosted a workshop focused on Nigeria’s progress toward HIV/AIDS epidemic control. The US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, recognized UMB's efforts in her comments. 

A woman smiles. The photo has a color filter of a dark pale blue.

UNAIDS Launches New Pandemic Strategy

UNAIDS calls on countries to step up global action and proposes bold new HIV targets for 2025.

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