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Impact Stories

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A bunch of blue tablets in front on a blue background with a white pill bottle next to it.

PrEP Used in the Fight to End HIV in Kenya

In 2017, the Government of Kenya adopted a new policy rolling out pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as part of a national HIV combination prevention strategy. Ciheb in Kenya's PACT Endeleza program then aligned with the government and started offering PrEP that same year to the benefit of thousands of clients in Nairobi.

A person wearing a blue face mask writes on a piece of paper with medical supplies in cabinets behind.

Differentiated Service Delivery Improves HIV Care in Western Kenya

Ciheb in Kenya, through the PACT Timiza program that worked in the Western Kenyan counties of Kisii and Migori, used differentiated service delivery to support an estimated 90,000 people living with HIV with a variety of health services.

A woman wearing a face mask talks to a young woman wearing a blue outfit.

Bummhi Assists National Rollout of PrEP in Botswana

Bummhi — Ciheb’s local partner in Botswana — has made key contributions to the introduction, roll out, and scale up of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) on a national level to help achieve the UNAIDS 90-90-90 HIV targets more quickly.

A person wearing a face mask holds a microphone and a piece of paper.

COVID-19 Team Helps Steer BAIS V Survey Through Field Implementation in Botswana

At the resumption of the fifth Botswana HIV/AIDS Impact Survey (BAIS V), the project convened a small group of three to lead the COVID-19 response. Over the following months, this trio would lead a herculean effort to safeguard the health of staff and participants and allow the survey to proceed as safely as possible. 

A dashboard with a purple stripe at the top and a July 2021 calendar.

COVID-19 Symptoms Monitoring App Supports PHIA Surveys

COVID-19 created unforeseen challenges to the population-based HIV impact assessments (PHIAs) that threatened the health of survey staff and participants and required daily symptom monitoring. In response, Ciheb developed the UMB PHIA Companion Tool, a COVID-19 symptom screening app to support COVID-19 risk mitigation compliance for staff to use daily before training and field activities.

A map of Western Kenya with county lines

Public Health Impact through Research in HIV and TB in Western Kenya

In 2016, UMB through Ciheb partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement a new five-year program called “Technical Assistance for Public Health Impact in Kenya” (TAPHIK), which helped fill a need for HIV research in Western Kenya and Kenya in general. 

Interviews by location. Covid-19 sero prevalence survey distribution in Nigeria. A map of Nigeria with the states of Gombe, Nasarawa, and Enugu highlighted in blue.

Dashboards to Support Nigeria COVID-19 Serosurveillance Study

In the fall of 2020, Ciheb conducted the first phase of a COVID-19 population-based serosurveillance study in the Nigerian states of Enugu, Nasarawa, and Gombe. Ciheb created a data collection tool for the serosurveillance study known as the Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI). 

A girl wearing a red shirt sits for an interview.

Operation Triple Zero Supports Adolescents in Overcoming HIV

HIV is a serious risk among adolescents in Kenya, and Ciheb has been helping address rising infection rates through Operation Triple Zero (OTZ). OTZ heroes share their powerful stories of struggle, stigma, and fear and how they overcame challenges and found restored hope.

A mother wearing a beige and red jacket holds a baby wearing a red shirt in a field.

Reducing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Rwanda

An ongoing Ciheb Rwanda partnership with UNICEF is tapping into Ciheb’s expertise in continuous quality improvement (CQI) to design strategies and interventions to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV at 18 healthcare facilities in the capital city of Kigali.

A map showing ECHO sites in Tanzania in 2021.

Ciheb Leads Nationwide Expansion of HIV Technical Assistance in Tanzania

The CDC brought UMB via Ciheb Tanzania on as an implementing partner to expand a telementoring healthcare initiative called HIV Clinical ECHO Clinic. Since 2018, Ciheb has expanded it to all regions of Tanzania and increased the number of independently functioning hubs.

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