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Impact Stories

A sign of the Mathari National Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Kenya Expands Treatment for People Who Inject Drugs

In Nairobi County, Kenya, health authorities have taken ground-breaking steps toward reducing the spread of HIV among people who inject drugs.


Two women sit and do some work together.

Optimizing Data Quality in Tanzania

Tanzania has made considerable advancements in establishing national and integrated health information systems using the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) platform.


A woman sits while wearing a red shirt and blue face mask. Another woman wearing a black shirt stands next to her with a blue face mask on and holds a yellow piece of paper with drawings on it.

Art Therapy Helping to Overcome the Challenges of HIV in Kenya

Ciheb in Kenya staff working on the PACT Endeleza project have identified art therapy as a method to help child and adolescent people living with HIV to address psychosocial and emotional issues.


A man wearing a face mask and a white coat holds up a stand against smoking pamphlet.

Study Focuses on Smoking Cessation in Kenya

Ciheb in Kenya is leading a five-year smoking cessation study among HIV-infected people in Nairobi, Kenya. The study is examining how combinations of pharmacological and behavioral interventions may improve the chances of maintaining long-term smoking abstinence.


HIV Interventions Among those who Inject Drugs in Kenya

People who inject drugs are a population who are at higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Since 2014, Ciheb has been helping to establish medically assisted therapy (MAT) clinics in Kenya to mitigate the adverse consequences of drug use and protect public health. 


Supporting Kenyan Health Facilities During COVID-19

Nairobi City County has been an epicenter of Kenya’s COVID-19 outbreak. It is also where Ciheb's PACT Endeleza project supports  facilities that provide HIV testing services. Read how we have responded to the pandemic to ensure continued services.


Advanced Clinical Decision Support for HIV Pediatric Care

The Ciheb Zambia team was part of a group that developed a clinical decision support system to guide clinicians through each step of HIV care for pediatric patients.  


COVID-19 Surveillance in Africa

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has been working to support African Union Member States to rapidly detect and respond to COVID-19.


Strengthening the COVID-19 Response in Nigeria

For five years, Ciheb has been helping strengthen Nigeria's disease surveillance and response capacity and has recently ramped up efforts in response to COVID-19.


On the COVID-19 Frontlines in Zambia

Ciheb physicians have been developing clinical guidance for COVID-19 cases in Zambia, while also providing telementoring support to rural doctors and nurses and guiding a local group in manufacturing cloth masks for hospitals.


Addressing Tuberculosis Burdens in Kenyan Schools

Ciheb Kenya has been supporting TB screening and referrals and laboratory capacity building. On World TB Day, a new screening algoritm was launched to help address TB burdens among schoolchildren.


Expanding Diagnostic Capacity in Kenya

The Boresha Maabara project has been supporting 108 laboratories in 10 Kenyan counties. The support includes facilitating comprehensive planning so that the labs are able to stay on track in meeting their public health objectives. Recently, the project facilitated a laboratory strategic planning meeting for Nairobi City County.


Amplyfying the ECHO Effect for Quality HIV Care in Nigeria

Ciheb brought the ECHO Project to Nigeria as a pilot initiative in 2018.  Today, it is helping expand its utilization among other implementers.


Hospital Thumbnail

Data Use Helping to Improve HIV Care in Kenya

Keumbu Sub-County Hospital is collecting and using data to guide service delivery. The results have been impressive.



Celebrating Communities on World AIDS Day

To highlight the importance of communities in the global AIDS response, UNAIDS is celebrating this year’s World AIDS Day, December 1, under the banner “Communities make the difference.” Find out how Ciheb is helping support communities.




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